Free Things to do in Seoul

Hiking up Bukhansan


Seoul isn’t exactly known for being budget-friendly, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find things to see and do without emptying your wallet completely. Here are our picks by our friends who own for some of the best free things you can do in Seoul.


Hiking up Bukhansan
There’s plenty of choice if you’re looking to climb a mountain in Seoul, because there’s 37 peaks! But if you’re looking the best, most will point you to Bukhansan. If you can get to the highest peak of this mountain (a huge 836m), you’ll see absolutely stunning views. If you’re lucky, you might even get to enjoy a drink of makgeolli (traditional rice wine) with some of the local hikers.


Gyeongui Line Forest Park
This park got its name because of the 100-year old train tracks it was built on. The tracks used to lead to North Korea, and this park is a must see when you’re in the northwest region of Seoul. There’s plenty of buskers to listen to, and there’s often pianos set up for the public to play. This is a fantastic spot for people-watching.


Oil Tank Culture Park
This park is made up of five oil tanks from the 1970’s, that have been transformed into the stunning Oil Tank Culture Park. You can attend free lectures, exhibitions, and even concerts, and watch musicians in the amphitheatre. It’s also a fantastic place for photographers, thanks to the building’s incredibly unique architecture.


National Museum of Korea
This is the largest museum in South Korea, and while you have to pay an entry fee to the changing exhibitions, there’s still plenty to see here. There’s 15,000 items and artefacts in this museum, and there’s a children’s museum as well. This museum also houses part of the Gyeongcheon-sa Temple at its centre, a ten-story pagoda. It’s definitely worth getting a photo of this amazing sight!

This list is just a handful of the things you can do in Seoul that won’t cost you a fortune, while still enjoying the city’s vibrant culture. Of course, make sure you still splurge sometimes. That’s what holidays are for!

Why Consider Adding Fiji and Albuquerque In Your Travel Destination List

Travelling the world is a dream for many of us, but realistically you need to narrow it down slightly. Here’s why you should consider Fiji and Albuquerque in your list of travel destinations.


Famous for its friendly people and heavenly tropical islands, Fiji has some of the best scenery in the world . It is known as the quintessential South Pacific paradise because of the powdery beaches, crystalline blue waters, beautiful picturesque reef and unique coastlines covered in greenery.

The islands’ also has new luxury accommodations such as the exclusive, family-owned Kokomo Private Island Resort, luxury ante Six Senses which debuts on Malolo Island. Another hotel that is slated to open on 2018 is Nihi Fiji from hotelier James McBride and Christopher Burch, the same creator of Nihi Suma Island.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque has many fine qualities and is set to prove to be full-fledged destination as the Sawmill District is being revived back to being the creative centre it used to be. This and the upcoming Hotel Chaco will gain more visitors to tour the country. Come spring, ABQ will also have the upcoming new entertainment hub, the One Central which cost $40 million to make.

The city also has upscale stores and restaurants and visitors will enjoy seeing the annual hot-air-balloon festival as well as the beautiful Sandia Mountains.

This coming fall expect to experience the proposed Mountain Coater which is an alpine sled-style ride that will make riders plunge down the mountainside in a 380 feet vertical drop. It is also easy to get to Albuquerque and this is because of the flights from U.S. cities via Southwest, Alaska Airlines and United.

List Of Important Items To Prepare For Your Travel

travel safePreparing for a trip is not actually difficult especially if you prepared ahead of time. One of the things you need to prepare and the most important item you should bring when you travel is money. Here is a list of how you should prepare this important commodity on your travel abroad.

Check the monetary conversion. Looking up the conversion rates before you go is very necessary because you definitely do not want to be surprised to go to your destination realizing that your money is not enough. Make sure you do the right math and get a sense of the conversion rate of your country to your point of destination.

Your credit card. If you are going to rely much on your credit cards, make sure that your cards work and accepted in the country you are visiting. Keep in mind that European banks have already switched to the more safe and secure chip-and-PIN technology and only a couple of businesses are accepting the old magnetic-strip cards.

Don’t change your money at the airport. You won’t get a good conversion rate in the airport or even around the city. It is better if you just use an ATM or go straight to a bank to have your money changed as they don’t usually charge a lot and the conversion is exact.

Prepare local cash. Don’t assume that all places accept credit cards especially when you ride the local transportation. Better have local cash ready and with you at all times.

You can avoid travel hassles and lousy travel experiences when you have all the things you need for your travel. Check you pack before you leave to make sure you don’t forget the travel things you really need.

Romantic Beach Destinations To Consider For Honeymooners

You want the best place to spend your honeymoon. If you have no idea where to take your special someone to enjoy and make memories together, then consider these awesome places of romantic beach destinations.

Bora Bora in Tahiti

This place is teeming with insanely beautiful beaches and world-class resorts that are just perfect for that honeymoon retreat.
Stay in one of the huts like rooms situated over a blue lagoon and experience a tropical bliss like no other. Bora Bora is a premier honeymoon destination so a honeymoon stay here perfectly fits the bill.

Treasure Cay in the Bahamas

This location is a beautiful and popular island south of Florida. Powder soft sand and crystal clear azure water are sure to attract any couple looking for a place to make good memories.
Moments of intimacy will definitely be plenty as you watch the sunset with your partner out on the beach. And if things get too slow and boring, sign up for some awesome diving or snorkelling adventure to liven up the day!

Podrace Beach

Enjoy the serenity of a lovely getaway in Podrace Beach, a small cove in Croatia. With shades from surrounding pine trees giving the perfect setting for a romantic sojourn, this is a little-known secret in Croatia because of its long coastline. But when you do discover it, it is the perfect place to relax and spend some quiet time with your other half.

Railay Beach in Krabi

When the ultimate in exclusivity is what you are after, Railay Beach in Krabi, Thailand is the place to be. Accessible only by boat, this beach island is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs that look like they came straight out of a fantasy film. This single attraction makes the visit to this secluded island worth the trip. Enjoy a very relaxing and private stay in this island with your loved one.

Tips To Save Money On Your Vacation Trip

travel tips ripleyTravelling is a fun and exciting way to get away from your stressful busy routine but it can be too expensive. You can enjoy a nice vacation trip within your travel budget. Here are some great tips to help you save money on travel.

Do some research
There are good chances of saving money on your trip even if you choose to travel during the peak seasons. You can find travel discounts and deals when you search online. Planning in advance has many advantages and one of them is getting early booking discounts and promo fares.

Be ready to adjust
Timing is important when you planning for your travel and stretching your travel funds. Travelling in an off-peak season can save you money. However, if it is not possible to do so, then make an adjustment to your destination.

Look for alternative destinations
You may want to avoid popular spots if you are looking to save money on your travel. You can be more creative with your travel plan by finding alternative destinations that are as charming as the popular spots. This way you can travel and explore new destinations without breaking your travel budget.

Save money and time by packing light
Baggage costs can really add up to your travel expense if you exceed the luggage weight limit of airlines. It is best to pack light and avoid bringing oversized luggage with you.

These excellent tips will help you save money on travel and enjoy your vacation without having to worry about overspending.

Best Places To Consider In Your Next Vacation

vacation spot gold coastHaving trouble choosing a vacation spot? If you are searching for a good place to take your next vacation, here are some on our list:

Hawaii. You might think that it is not a good time to visit Hawaii at this time because of the volcanic activity and such, but this is not true. Travelling to Hawaii at this time is very safe but if you are still worried about the volcano, the volcanic activity is located in a small, remote region of the island which you will definitely not go into.

Also, this is your chance to experience their black sand beaches and be up close and personal with endangered sea turtles. You can go snorkelling and scuba diving, and of course, go surfing.

London, England. London is a cosmopolitan hotspot of culture and history. Explore the city on foot and experience walking through time. You will find Roman ruins and even medieval drama, and you might even find some royals as they tour the city too.

The Seychelles. This place has the most beautiful waters all over the world. There are a lot of things to do in this beautiful beach from riding a bike to explore the island, sunbathing and seeing giant tortoises up close and personal on both land and sea.

Bavaria, Germany. Visit Bavaria to be captivated by its beauty and rich culture. You can easily visit the place any season, but it is recommended to visit the city during summer so you can experience refreshing dips in its mountain lakes. August and September are also great months to visit Bavaria to experience the biggest medieval bonanza while in October join their Oktoberfest.

Travelling To Japan – Worried About Language and Getting Around Japan?

Bullet train at Fukuoka railway station, Japan, East Asia.

Japan is a wonderful place to travel. There are many things and activities for foreigners to experience. If you are planning to visit Japa on your next holiday destination, here are our top Japan travel tips for your first time in the country.

Don’t speak Japanese? Don’t Worry.

One of the most intimidating things when travelling to another country is understanding their language. The good thing is we can find many resources today that can help you communicate even if you do not speak their language.

Use the free Google Translate app. Download this app on your phone before your trip. This app is really useful for translating your language into different languages. It can instantly translate English to Japanese.

Since many Japanese do not speak English, it is useful to learn some key phrases, especially those considered polite. Perhaps the most important phrase to learn in their language is “Do you speak English?” The Japanese are humble about their language abilities, but they can actually communicate in English even if they say they don’t speak it well.

Also, don’t forget to print out your hotel address in Japanese. This can be useful when you need to get directions.

Getting around is easy

Japan has good transportation services. However, you will want to avoid cabs because they are quite expensive. Use short trains to get around the city. The foreign tourists use Japan Rail Pass. This offers a very cost-effective way for long-distance train travel in Japan.

Purchase a Pasmo card or Suica card to use short trains. You can navigate the train system in English using the HyperDia app.

If you are planning to travel to far locations in Japan, things would be easier if you book with Japan Airlines or ANA before your go to Japan. This way, you can find better deals or discount rates for foreign travellers.